2019 USA Travel Bucket-List

2018 has been the most amazing year of travel and adventures, life experiences I will never forget! That being said, I can’t wait to add more adventures to my already amazing memories. Heres my 2019 travel bucket list:

Theme: An All American Good Time 


My epiphany came after visiting Europe and gawking in amazement at the amount of diversity condensed into one beautiful continent. As a result, this made me realize how much we under appreciate our homes as travel destinations.

My experiences in Europe were coupled with a  conversation I had with a global student from Kyrgyzstan ( ORRRR the other country with a “K” close to it) and she mentioned wanting to visit Mount Rushmore. Seriously, I forgot that even existed. The last time I thought of or even heard of Mount Rushmore must have been in elementary school. Thus, An All American Good Time was born.

USA Travel Bucket List 2019

(Possible Roadtrip for the first 3)

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon 

San Fransico, California

(Including Yosemite, Redwood National Park, & the Pacific Coast High Way//Big Sur)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phoenix, Arizona (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend)

Skiing in Aspen, Colorado 

Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas

Key West, Florida 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Washington D.C

New York City (Repeat Visit)

Boston, Massachusetts

Maine (No idea where in Maine yet. Comment below suggestions?)

This list averages to about one trip per month, a streek I hope to keep alive in 2019. Did this give you some inspiration? I would love to read about your travel plans you’re excited about for 2019 or just in general. Comment below to share more wanderlust inspiration!

Sending my love xx



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Travel Inspiration for 2019. My bucket-list travel destinations around the United States. Featuring PCH, Washington D.C., Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, and more. #bucketlisttravel #wanderlust #roadtrip #solotravel





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