My Favorite Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I’m switching things up this year. As I am getting older and my lifestyle/fitness goals are changing I realize that I have to now change certain aspects of my lifestyle as well, including my “diet”. (I would like an alternative word for this. Diet, to me, is temporary. Whereas I am making these changes for my benefit long term.)

Here are some of my suggestions for a healthy breakfast that I have eaten in the past and some new ideas I am currently incorporating.


Oatmeal is great. It’s quick, simple, and incredibly filling. Your appetite is satiated for longer meaning your more likely to intake less calories per day. I always try to find a low sugar oatmeal these days. It’s also a great vegan/vegetarian option.


A new discovery for me. It’s high in protein and I opt for non-fat which is an added benefit. I’ve tried yogurt before and I was not a fan, however, to help me out I have also discovered Stevia. It’s a 0 calories, no sugar, and non-fat sweetener.

(I’m sure most people know this but it’s important to know that I am not a bandwagoner when it comes to trends. Therefore, when stevia was popular I was not paying it any mind. That being said, I am really happy that I have found this new replacement to help me during this transition into my new lifestyle.)

My fruit of choice are bananas because they’re also pretty cheaper than berries where I live.

Egg Whites and Turkey Bacon?

I put a question mark because this is not something I have tried but more so something I am considering. I am considering egg whites for the protein factor and Turkey bacon for the same reason. Unfortunately I have not gotten into much research on the fat content in Turkey bacon. However, I do hope to find a brand that has the appropriate macros so that in the event I get bored with Yogurt I could switch to this breakfast for a while.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope that although short it was in some way helpful to you. I hope to continue blogging more about health and fitness as I’ve had an interest in this topic for years now.

Love you guys!

– Ann

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