Health and Wellness Habits I Actually Enjoy Doing

Why is it that we begin to get so stubborn when it comes to doing the things that are good for us? It’s most likely because we are not enjoying what we’re doing. Intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than extrinsic motivation. Meaning the more a habit makes you feel good on the inside the more likely you are to repeat the action (rather than waiting for the extrinsic benefit of simply looking good). Here are some new health and wellness habits I have tailored for myself that have helped me to be happy AND healthy.

A Gallon of Water A Day

This is something I recently started because I felt I was in need of some serious hydration. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day. I instantly feel refreshed. Throughout the day I realize that my cravings can easily be dissolved by drinking water. Usually those feelings of “hunger” can also be your body’s way of saying I’m thirsty. Always check with water first. How do you prevent a hangover? Drink as much water as you can before going to bed. This has helped me alot as a person who loves her glass of wine. Water is so good at detoxifying the body and helping to boost metabolism. I have to say, I have been feeling a lot better practicing this habit.

Dry Brushing in the Shower

I remember dry brushing was a big trend in the health community at one point. I am bringing it back. Dry brushing commonly known to help boost circulation while exfoliating the skin. Always brush towards the heart to encourage blood flow back to the heart where it will be reoxygenated. Increased blood circulation has many wonderful health benefits (that I encourage you to Google). This is a self care habit I add to my shower routine to add a more luxurious spa feel.

Doing a HIIT Workout AT HOME

I am a big fan of running outside and at the gym on the treadmill, however, lately I have had the deepest desire to stay as close to home as humanly possible. It is for this reason why I have adopted opting for more at home workouts. YouTube is good for many things. In between watching your favorite tutorials and vlog channels try to fit a workout video somewhere in there. Working out at home, for me, has become deeply satisfying. I get the endorphins along with the added benefit of not having to drive home to have the relief of finally being home.

Finding Alternative Sweeteners

I have a sweet tooth. I LOVE sweet things. This is a problem because sugar fatigue is real and it feels awful. Currently, I am testing out Stevia as a sugar and honey replacement. It has 0 calories and no sugar. How do they do it? I don’t know. I am hoping this helps with the sugar crash I have after my breakfast because I can’t have unsweetened oatmeal. So far I can not begin to explain how much I have been loving this GUILT FREE sweetness.

Eating More Protein

I have also been experimenting with what I have been eating. Again, I do not appreciate the sluggish feeling get after ingesting certain sugars, carbs, and fats. These macronutrients are not bad for you as long as they are of some quality, however, what I have been eating has not been providing me with the energy and vitality I have been searching for. After changing up my grocery list to include more protein from various sources I’ve found that I feel much better hours after eating. In addition to this a lot of my favorite meals include more protein which makes me incredibly happy. Finding low carb/fat alternatives that include a higher protein ratio gives me peace of mind knowing that my body is getting what it needs to fit my new fitness goals ( I am hoping to lower my body fat percentage). Finding these alternative have also been surprisingly easy.

Waiting Until Later in the Day To Eat (Intermittent Fasting/Intuitive Eating)

Currently this is called intermittent fasting (I think). I try not to subscribe to health/fitness trends, however, in relation to my first healthy habit of drinking a gallon of water per day I generally find myself drinking water throughout the morning until my body feels like it’s ready to eat. I intuitively eat which leads me to fasting intermittently. There are benefits to both, for me, this is a more calm and mindful way to approach when, how much, and why I am eating. This way I maintain peace of mind when eating as opposed to eating because I am bored.

These three new habits have made all the difference in how I feel throughout my days. It’s important to note that these habits come from a place of happiness and gratitude for my body and the desire to take better care of this vessel that carries me through life. I encourage you to find or develop habits of your own that make you feel better about your days and yourself. There is no one size fits all. Do what works for you.

Sending my love,

– Ann


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