21 Lessons at 21

Whether you just like inspirational reminders or need some help getting through your quarter-life crisis, here are 21 lessons I’ve learned at 21.

  1. Allow yourself to feel sad, mad, happy, or anything else you want to feel!
  2. Letting go is hard (but it’s also very easy).
  3. Embrace change.
  4. Be BOLD!
  5. If you want it, take it!
  6. Find YOUR way.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  9. It’s always going to be easy to quit.
  10. Desperate decisions are the worst decisions, take your time.
  11. Happiness is something you work at.
  12. You set your timeline: goals can be achieved today or tomorrow (better today, sooner than later).
  13. Don’t take anything personally.
  14. Embrace uncertainty.
  15. Patience, consistency, and commitment IS hard work and this is what gets things done.
  16. Your potential self is infinite (says my yogi tea bag).
  17. You do write your own story. Creating your dream life is possible.
  18. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
  19. Everything that is meant to be will be.
  20. Deny yourself what you love and you will be miserable.
  21. Learn to say NO: to people, jobs, and situations that are not aligned with what you want/deserve.


I’ve always found it helpful to learn from other peoples experiences and listen to the lessons they’ve learned in life. Despite them sounding a bit cliche, I hope these lessons I’ve learned will help you on your journey going forward. I always say: sayings are a cliche for a reason.



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