Paris, France

3 Days in Paris

Can you hear the accordions playing? Have you stocked up on black and white striped tops and red lipstick? I think you’re ready, what to do to have your most authentic Parisian experience:

Find a Parisian Cafe

Walking around Paris it’s hard not to miss the endless occurrences of cafes on every corner. Even on a chilly night, there are space heaters and friends and couples sharing a good laugh over warm coffee and food. Not only is this the most quintessential thing to do in Paris, but the cafes are also truly beautiful and a great addition to your feed.

Cafes to Try:

Le Consulat

La Maison Rose

Louvre Museum

Beautiful art and an amazingly designed building. You must get your photo in front of the most beautiful pyramid outside of Egypt.

Walk by the Seine River (Pont Alexandre III Bridge)

What a beautiful and romantic thought (can you tell I was swept away by the city of love). Paris has the most captivating allure and a walk by the Seine River is the exact thing you must not leave Paris without doing. We ended up doing this at night because we spent such a short time there but it was really a night out of a daydream. You’ll end up passing the beautiful Pont Alexandre III Bridge. A great photo op influencers make sure to catch.

Eiffel Tower (Trocadero)

The Tower Eifell. Close up underneath, go to the top if you’d like, or have a picnic on the lawn in the summertime (cue the baguettes, cheese, and wine). Or view the tower from Trocadero. Yes, you’ll need to arrive early or tell everyone to get out your way “It’s for the gram!” There are so many ways you could take the perfect Instagram photo with this beauty. Check times, later in the day, for when the tower is scheduled to sparkle and put on the most gorgeous light show. It’s really so magical, a Disney movie I tell ya.

Go Shopping…or Window Shop

You’re in Paris, a fashion capital! You don’t have to buy anything, window shopping would suffice. We ended up losing ourselves in the city and found ourselves in a shopping district that had the most beautiful designer window displays. If you’re a style enthusiast feast your eyes!

Take a Photo! In the district, there were beautiful alleys and streets giving off stunningly classic Parisian vibes.

Monmontare Neighborhood

If you want a traditional Parisian, again this is another beautiful neighborhood to explore. Another neighborhood for street style photography suggestion. We passed through on the way to the Sacre Coeur Church.

Sacre Coeur

The churches of Europe are so beautiful, maybe you want a photo maybe you don’t (depending on your feed) but don’t just do this for the gram do this for the culture (I think I’m funny). Seriously so beautiful and a nice stop while you’re exploring the streets of Paris.

Ohh the City of Love. Enjoy!

Sending my Love xx

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  1. Carla Necole says:

    This article is so helpful since I’m planning my 1st trip to Paris next year. I love seeing where people actually live when I visit places, so the Monmontare Neighborhood is a definite must! I also pinned this to my traveling board 🙂

    • I’m super excited for you! I love France it is such a beautiful country. If you can save up and see some of the coastal areas i.e. Nice, Monaco, Marseille etc. My friends had an amazing time doing that as well.

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