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What I Learned From My Experience Studying Abroad

I had the best experience studying on exchange in England, I still can’t believe those memories are actually a part of my life story. Studying abroad made my entire college experience, it’s truly something I will never forget. Are you thinking about studying abroad but you’re not sure if it’s for you? I am biased and I don’t care, here are 4 reasons why I absolutely loved my experience and why you should 100% study abroad too:

Independence is Bliss

I’ve learned that I can really handle myself. I studied with an exchange program through my university which I heard was much different from a study abroad program that organized everything, i.e. housing trips etc. for you. I did a lot on my own from buying my ticket, organizing my visa information, finding housing, planning trips to other countries, some of my exchange program classmates also had to go about finding a job in a new country as well.

Studying on exchange really gave me the feel of the full process of moving to another country. If that doesn’t scream adulting I don’t know what does.

Build Confidence

You’ve just moved to this new country and you’re to make friends. Again, I’d like to reiterate that I studied on exchange which means I wasn’t in a program with a group of other English speakers. When I had orientation, I left my new place by myself, made my way to uni by myself, and walked into a room full of strangers, strangers who most likely have English as their second language. Okay, there were other students from my university but honestly do you know everyone at your university?

I had to buck up, shrug off my introvert tendencies for a moment and put myself out there. It was so scary, the first day of school always is though isn’t it? But guess what I made friends even some acquaintances that I love so dearly. they are friends for life now.

Make your dreams come alive

Better yet I can make my dreams come true. All I knew all my life is that I wanted to travel and I found my way. I never thought in a million years that I, at 21, would be living in England just 45 minutes outside of London. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Never in a million years would I think, I’d get to travel to Paris, Vienna, and be invited my new friends to visit them in their home countries. 6 months later and I am still in the process of going down the list and making plans to take them up on their word.

Studying on exchange gave me the confidence to pursue my list of other dreams including this blog, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Get Inspired to be a Better You

Get inspired the culture, the people, your new friends, new amazing fun experiences. You gain a deeper understanding of how amazing and beautiful life is when you’re living life in another country. It’s like a whole new world. Expand your mind, break your own boundaries, and revel in being outside your comfort zone because it is truly amazing. A new definition of being “high on life”.


Take your time, choose a location where you think you’ll thrive and do it! Go have the time of your life!

Sending my love,


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What I learned from my experience studying abroad and why I would 1000% recommend that you do too. #europe #studyabraod #exchangeprogram #expatguides


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