7 Ways to Improve your Self Care Routine and Peace of Mind

Although bubble baths and face masks can do wonders on the outside here are some tips that have helped me really make sure my self care routine is taking care from the inside out and cultivate peace of mind.

Clear your Headspace

If you are like me clearing my headspace means clearing my physical space. I know that when I catch myself in a loop of stress I stop and look around. Are my surroundings a mess? In need of some organization? Most likely the answer is yes. This is when I channel all my energy into cleaning. Focusing solely on cleaning helps drown out all the other noise. There is nothing like relaxing in your newly clean home. This spurs on more self care actions like a bubble bath in my clean tub with candles, some music, or even a book.

Let Go

Cleanse your Social Media

Unfollow the things that really don’t serve you. I know my excuse for following random accounts was that ” they inspire me” whether it be style or motivational quotes. However, Ive learned that spamming myself with all this unnecessary stimuli is counter productive. Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow.

My Follow criteria:

  1. I know/had a conversation with you IRL
  2. If I don’t know you: The account inspire me and therefore I DON’T skip through the stories
  3. Consider: “How do I feel when this account pops up on my feed?” If there are any traces of negative feelings or energy: Unfollow.

Clear out your contacts/messages

Lets be honest I love to describe myself as an all or nothing kind of girl so I am a big fan of the delete button (Note: being trigger happy has its downsides). Me being me, I just deleted all my contacts and messages all at once (granted some important contacts are still in the Cloud, don’t be reckless). The point is we already have mental baggage and our phones can sometimes serve as the the physical manifestation of this baggage:old contacts, old people, old messages, old conversations some good, some bad. Just start deleting trust me you’ll feel so much lighter.

Don’t Burn Bridges  (But you can gracefully cut the cables with the most beautiful scissors)

Recently I came across a podcast, Style Your Mind Episode 97: Building TRUE Female Relationships  + Growing Into your Highest Potential. The podcast featured Lori Harder, author of Called Bliss, who spoke about the importance of having difficult conversations. There are ways to remove the bridge between you and someone without burning it.

That being said, deconstruct those bridges with people who don’t make you feel good anymore. Whose calls you don’t look forward to, and if you need some help definitely listen to this podcast.

Become aware

A lot of what I have been saying revolves around how you feel and the “energy” around you. This is part of the work of becoming more intuned with yourself, this typically translates to following or listening to your intuition. This means really feeling your feelings  and interpreting your emotions, asking yourself the hard questions: what am I feeling and why am I felling this way. As simple as this may sound it does take work if you really dig deep. Invest the time and energy into learning about yourself, yes, even if you think you know yourself.

Change your Thought Patterns

Become aware of your negative thoughts. No one expects you to be happy and positive all the time but you don’t need to beat yourself to a pulp either. Be your own cheerleader, when something good happens exclaim “That’s my baby!” Care for yourself like you would your own child be the suuper duuper nice, especially if you’re sensitive.

Indulge in your Peace of Mind

Finally with this new light hearted feeling indulge in this newly found peace of mind. You deserve it. Actively preserve this peace of mind and ruthlessly combat anything and everything that disturbs it.

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