A Productive Morning Routine

My Productive Morning Routine: Scheduling Good Habits

I wrote this morning routine a couple months ago. This was when I was actually following it religiously. I am posting it now because I believe it would be of tremendous help to you and me as a reminder that we CAN get things done!

The Impact of a Routine on my Life

It is February now, have you been sticking to your new year’s resolutions? I, unfortunately, have not been. January was a very overwhelming and disappointing month for me but I am reminding myself that I can not let it get me down.

When I wrote this morning routine months ago I was also following it religiously because I was determined and committed to accomplishing my goals. Guess what? It turns out that scheduling the new and healthy habits I wanted to build helped me transform my body, mind, and helped me learn some of a new language. What did I learn? You have to stay committed and it all gets easier.

At one point an activity, for example, exercising, once took so much brain power and physical energy to do. When you learn to automate it, however, it becomes much easier to do. You don’t ever think about it anymore, you just do.

How to Create Your Own Morning Routine?

My advice for creating your morning routine? Schedule all the things you want to do and just do them. This morning routine, when I followed it, made me an individual of more decisive action and less overthinking. Let’s face it, we don’t get things done because we don’t want to, it’s not even because we’re lazy. Sometimes we don’t get things done because we just spend all our time thinking about it rather than actually doing it.

Things I schedule my morning meditation, eating (for fitness goals and I sometimes forget), morning workout, and time slots for getting work done (whether school or blogging). Since studying abroad, I have been saying taht I want to get more languages under my belt so along with touching up on my Spanish I am beginning to schedule in practicing French as well.

Remember: You’re creating a lifestyle. Your life is a sum of the actions you take every day. Choose your actions wisely.

My Morning Routine

Honestly, I am so excited to take my life back and be my most amazing self again. This is the morning routine committed to last semester and I love it so much that I am keeping it the same. Your morning routine should mak you feel good for getting all the things you’ve been meaning to do, or have always wanted to do, done!

Having a morning routine really helps me get ready for my day. My mornings are usually about instilling a sense of calm and organization which I like to carry throughout my day. Scheduling new and more beneficial habits boost my self-confidence. How? I know that these habits are closing the gap between me and my goals, rather than increasing it by lounging around watching Netflix all day.

The Routine:

My day begins at 06:00am I walk over to my phone across the room (how to wake up early tip). 

Make My Bed Immediately after I make my bed, essential so that I won’t get back in.

Meditation Practice until about 07:00am Walk away from the bed, lay out the yoga mat and I begin a morning meditation.

Morning Skin Care Routine This goes along with brushing my teeth etc. 

Breakfast & a Book until 08:00 am after meditating I tend to have a clear and calm mind. I eat breakfast, enjoy mindful eating, and some reading.

Practice French for 1 hour This is a practice for my personal development which helps me feel more productive and better about my self-growth. This goes on for about an hour as well. 

09:00 am – 10:00 am Workout

10:00 am Begin Work After a good workout I love to use the endorphins to power me through beginning any work I need to get done for the day.

My morning routine focuses on my health, personal development, and productivity.

No matter how much spontaneity is romanticized I’m not afraid to admit that I love a good routine. Predictability in certain aspects of life is great for achieving balance. 

Hopefully, you get some ideas about what you’d like to include in your morning routine and see how practicing one yourself can help you live your best life.

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A Productive Morning Routine: Scheduling new and more beneficial habits boost my self-confidence. How? I know that these habits are closing the gap between me and my goals, rather than increasing it by lounging around watching Netflix all day. #personaldevelopment  #selfcare #howto #getthingsdone
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