Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Deidre (Day-Dree), like your daydreams (without the “m”). I am a 20 something Florida local who loves to share her passions with the world through writing and photography. Dreaming, manifesting, and personal development is the basis of my entire life. I live every day in the pursuit of living a more meaningful life that is the perfect reflection of all my dreams. Authenticity, peace of mind, and self-actualization are my core values, the driving forces behind my every move. I hope that by living in my truth I will encourage others to the same; “Aspire to inspire” -Unknown.

My college experience has been a rocky one. College began with anxiety in high school and early on included rough break-ups with family, friends, and a long time significant other. Continued with a transfer between universities, unexpected changes in majors, followed by dealing with depression through my first internship, enlightenment, and then a reignition of dreams. Leading to studies abroad, travels across the world, leading backstage during Paris and London Fashion Weeks and back again, where I look in my bathroom mirror and can’t even recognize myself. All these experiences were completely and utterly unexpected. They changed my life, blew my mind, and has left me wanting more. What’s next? All I can say is: More Life.

What Imagine for this Blog

The future has more stories untold but at this moment I am working on having the courage to further pursue my dreams. I want my passion to pay me and, for me, believing is the hardest part. If there is one thing I have learned it is to believe in the unbelievable, believe in the impossible.


I have always been scared of saying my dreams out loud but there is something about being naked in front of a crowd. Instead of a nightmare there is something to be said about the disciplined practice of having the courage to be vulnerable and not allowing the fear of uncertainty to run you off stage. As you look through this blog remember this is me, someone I am no longer scared to be. I hope that by reading this you will get from it more than the surface and that you too will be inspired to do more.