How to Live Your Best Life in 2019

Its the first week of January and we are all in the midst of the new years resolution sensory overload occurring no matter where you choose to get your media fix. For me, this whole show can get really overwhelming. That being said, I decided to tune out all the bells and whistles and fall back on the principles that have been effective for me in reaching my goals. Whether this is the 500th blog post you’ve read or the very first one, I hope by sticking to this advice you’ll help yourself become your best self in 2019.

Get comfortable getting uncomfortable

Every phase of your life will require a different version of you. It won’t be the same as the high school grind. I know I’m spitting mad quotes at you right now son but I always say there’s a reason why it’s cliche 

Don’t get mad get active 

You know I  was about to say “get glad” but anyway. 

Yea, so, you see someone living your dream life instead of getting jealous, angry, and caught up in self-degradation; OR just super sad and depressed find out what they’re doing and do it! This is the only time it is okay to copy!  In content creation for example don’t copy their content but copy their actions. They post blog post twice a week start posting blog posts twice a week. They have a email list start an email list! Do as they do not as they say. Yea sure the stuff they write is useful but it’s the actions that really matter in any situation. 


This principle more than anything has changed my life. Once I decided to get over my “fear of commitment”, (literally to anything a job, a career, a relationship) I realized I could do anything. 

Commitment for me led to the self-discipline that I needed to build healthy habits which led to me “working hard”, which led to me getting my life together. 

*NOTE: I say “working hard” because when you get yourself into good habits you start to be on autopilot. Things that were once hard for you are now second nature. 


What is the real reason why you haven’t been able to reach your goals? Are you scared? Do you not think you’re good enough? It’s important to take a moment and forget what everyone is telling you and figure out what it is that you need to do to get the ball rolling in your life.

Like I have said, committing was my main issue. I changed my mind and started reaching my goals and began molding my body (let’s be honest who doesn’t have fitness goals every year) and life to something I’ve always wanted. It all started with reflection.


Travel your heart out, get the body of your dreams, live your amazing life!

Happy 2019!!

Sending my love xx

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3 responses to “How to Live Your Best Life in 2019”

  1. Ivana says:

    The first one is one of my priorities this year. Getting out my comfort zone as much as possible and live my life to the fullest 🙂 Love this post!

  2. Rachel says:

    Great post!! How true!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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