How I Worked Through My Anxiety Before My First Solo Trip

I see you, yeah you! Looking through those plane tickets, and binge reading blog posts, watching Youtube videos. Why don’t you just do it already!? I know, I know, “It’s not that easy.”

Nine times out of ten we don’t ever do what we really want to do because we’re scared and it sucks! I know you want to travel and there’s no one to go with you but you have to suck it up or you’ll never go. One day I decided to stop waiting on everyone else and I shut up and went! (Comment below if you’re a fan of DamonandJo)


Obviously, this is the only word in my dictionary. I did my research and so should you! Research allows you to gage prices, plan your itinerary, and consider the things we all miss i.e. transportation, food, tips, and tricks only the locals know.

Why is this important? Sometimes we may get overwhelmed with all the different aspects of planning a trip and this overwhelm turns into fear. We may feel like we may have bitten off more than we can chew, or we don’t think we can actually do this one thing we want so badly. Research provides perspective, for me the more I knew the better I felt.

Talk About It

Another daunting task of planning and preparing for solo travel is telling your loved ones. Sometimes you can be scared and you want to avoid having other people smearing their fears all over you. It can be hard to reassure them when you’re having trouble reassuring yourself.

Before going to anyone, take a second and tune into your positive emotions for once. What is so amazing? Why are you excited? Revel in these emotions. Bring that feeling to your conversations with family, friends, and spouses. When you’re confident they will be too. This positive always outways the negative and now you’re all happy.

Embrace the Fear

Feel the fear. It is absolutely okay. Just because you feel scared or unsure does not mean you should not go. Push through, again, always focus on the positive and find ways to get excited! BOOK THE TICKET!

All the “what if” and the “how am I” questions swirling around in your head can be answered by reading more blog posts, or youtube videos. If it makes you feel better, plan for your fears. This ties back into research. The more prepared you are the better you feel and the more you can enjoy this amazing adventure.

Choosing a Destination

This is vital. Generally, we are scared to solo travel because we are scared of the world which is why travel is so important! Choose a well-traveled to place with lots of reviews and resources from others to help better prepare you especially if it is your first time.

If you are solo female there are plenty of blog posts and youtube video reviews to ensure that your destination is solo female safe.

Practice Doing Things by Yourself

Start small. I don’t know how many times I hear people say they can’t do this, that, or the other by themselves but its OKAYYY. Practice going shopping by yourself, maybe work up to going out to eat alone (which happens a lot when you travel solo).

Do something, anything, everything by yourself. Get comfortable with yourself, learn to enjoy your own company you’ll eventually get over the awkwardness you may feel in the beginning.


Now its time to go. Fly little birdie, fly! Your journey awaits!

Sending my love xx


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How to overcome fears of solo travel. Tackling anxiety, stress, and leaving your comfort zone. Wanderlust is a gift even if you have to do it alone. #solofemaletravel #TRAVELADVICE #Worldtraveller

How to overcome fears of solo travel. Tackling anxiety, stress, and leaving your comfort zone. Wanderlust is a gift even if you have to do it alone. (Picture: Landscape of Paris from Sacre Couer) #solofemaletravel #TRAVELADVICE #Worldtraveller


3 responses to “How I Worked Through My Anxiety Before My First Solo Trip”

  1. Bonnibelle says:

    Awesome tips! I think your last tip may be the most important. It’s key to take baby steps, especially for something as big as solo travel. You don’t want to learn how to be alone in a foreign place!

  2. Crystal says:

    I definitely think although some people were shaking their heads when I was telling them about my first solo travel trip to Costa Rica, I did feel more excitement to get to be like, GUESS WHAT I AM DOING?! It felt pretty fierce, so I love that advice. I did a little bit of research, and booked an air bnb route that I wanted to take with a rental car.. but also decided I would figure it out as I went. Love your list.

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