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Instgrammable Foodie Guide: Los Angeles

First of all, Los Angeles is huge! If I were you I would rent a car or just be prepared to Uber everywhere. Some of these locations are more local and off the beaten path while others are typical must-dos while you’re in LA. Pick an choose what works for you and enjoy eating your way around LA.


I always make it my mission to see what the hype is about because I like judging for myself. I can honestly say I liked In-n-Out. Definitely won’t eat it every day, but I ate there twice on my week-long stay in LA. This is a definite must try, must add to the gram.

The Butcher’s Daughter (Venice)

I love The Butcher’s Daughter. I ate at their New York location and I can say it’s a great place to stop and grab some food before or after you explore the Abbot Kinney Strip and the Venice Beach Area.

Lemonade (Abbot Kinney)

If you’re an Instagram model, blogger, or enthusiast you definitely have a photo at Lemonade,  of your Lemonade. Must see, must drink lemonade. They have unique and amazing flavors, unfortunately, I can’t remember what I ordered but I remember it being really refreshing. Just what I needed after my walk around Venice!

Hold up, all you’re going to do is eat?? I’m not judging but if you want something else to do check out my Ultimate Travel guide to Los Angeles. Anyway, happy eating!

Alfred’s Coffee (Silver Lake)

This one is a bit off the beaten path but if you want to get a real feel for what it’s like to live in LA or explore another popular neighborhood in Los Angeles definitely visit this coffee shop. This location is also right across the street from the popular rainbow stairs, another popular Instagram photo op.

EggSlut (DTLA)

I recommend going to the DTLA or Venice location as they are close to other popular attractions you may want to visit. I’m not a big breakfast sandwich kind of girl but this was a great eat. However, unless your leaving room for another foodie spot you may want to grab two especially considering the amount of walking you may or may not be doing.


LA is not what you would consider southern but if you happen to find yourself craving some southern dining check out Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. There’s really no telling how many times I have heard this place reverberating through a conversation when Los Angeles is the topic. To me it was okay but my friends really liked it. To each their own.

Malibu Farm

If you get a chance to visit Malibu and hang out its beautiful beaches I definitely recommend having a sit down at Malibu Farm. I caught it on a beautiful day, sat and listened to the ocean over a nice meal and walk down the beach afterward. Food, beach, and sun my kind of day!


Hope you have the most amazing time on your next trip to LA. Eat your way to a good time!

Sending my love xx


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Presenting The Most Instagrammable Foodie Guide to Los Angeles, California! Get ready to eat!

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