My Autumn/Fall Bucket List | 2018

For some odd reason, I am really feeling the autumn vibes this year. I even bought a pumpkin spice candle. I am loving the thought of the seasons changing and the cozy warm feelings that come with colder weather. In the spirit of making the best of fall (while living in Florida) I’m going to find and try all the traditional autumn activities this year.

Fall Theme: Its the Simple Things

Things to Do:

Visit farmers markets: With fall in the air farmer’s markets usually follow the same mood, what better place to pick up some little autumn trinkets.

Go to a Drive-In Theatre: I think this would be super cute.

Decorate my space: What better way to get into the fall spirit than to decorate!

Visit a theme park: Because I live in Orlando and I do not do this as often as people would think.

Go to my homecoming football game: Fall is for football!

Capture memories outside of social platforms (i.e. use my camera more instead of Instagram stories): Basically take photos of all my fall adventures.

Print these photos for old times sake: I feel like autumn, with its cozy vibes, brings with it the tendency to get a bit nostalgic. I love looking at old printed photos and I want to print more to look back at in the future.

Relax more (WAYYY more): Speaks for itself

Visit a place where the leaves have changed color: I live in Florida people.

Actually dress up for Halloween: I never do.


Hopefully, my autumn bucket list has inspired you to make the best of the changing seasons where ever you so happen to live. Stay beautiful.

Sending my love,



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