Home Decor: Nightstand Essentials

Is decorating your space beginning to get a bit stressful, not to mention expensive? Realize your Pinterest home decor goals with these simple nightstand items.


This includes your gratitude journal and any books you may want to read before you go to sleep or after you wake up in the morning. An amazing hack to build new and helpful habits is to make sure you can easily access whatever it is you want to do more of.


Because who doesn’t like candles? Match candle scents with your mood or the vibe of your space. Have fun with it! If its Halloween break out the candy corn scents, if its summer bring the meadow to you! All this applies to incense as well, you can do whatever you likeee ( Yes, I just sang that comment below if you get it.)


Because…plants. If you don’t have a succulent by now do you even home decor? Just kidding. Really, check out your local Trader Joes for real and cheaper succulents instead of making the treck to Urban Outfitters for a fake, expensive plant. Or add some flowers! Hydrangeas, roses, whatever floats your boat. However, I do recommend fake plants in this case for obvious reasons.

Sleeping Mask

Again, the key here is decorating with everyday items! Use anything that you use regularly and place it in some fancy or cute way: i.e. sliding off some book or right next to your plant holder. Give your space an “I use this, but I’m also home decor goals” vibe.

Bonus: DIY

Print our your favorite inspirational quote and set it up in an old frame for constant reminders that you’re amazing because yes, you are freaking amazing.

or DIY ANYTHING, EVERYTHING! Saving money is cool I promise.

Hope you enjoyed the

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