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7 Ways to Improve your Self Care Routine and Peace of Mind

Although bubble baths and face masks can do wonders on the outside here are some tips that have helped me really make sure my self care routine is taking care from the inside out and cultivate peace of mind. Clear your Headspace If you are like me clearing my headspace means clearing my physical space. I know that when I catch myself in a loop of…

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21 Lessons at 21

Whether you just like inspirational reminders or need some help getting through your quarter-life crisis, here are 21 lessons I’ve learned at 21. Allow yourself to feel sad, mad, happy, or anything else you want to feel! Letting go is hard (but it’s also very easy). Embrace change. Be BOLD! If you want it, take it! Find YOUR way. NEVER, EVER, SETTLE. Don’t be afraid to…

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Orlando like a Local: Non-Touristy Things To Do Winter Park, Fl

You A Local’s Guide to Winter Park  Off the beaten path Orlando, discover things to do in Winter Park in Orlando, Fl. What’s behind the theme parks? Is there anything else to see except the mouse? **Please check hours: Thisvis a local guide featuring local businesses who sometimes set their own unconventional hours so remember to google search to check hours before you head out!…

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3 Reasons Why I Meditate Daily

Although it seems like such a “yogi-like” trend, meditating is actually beneficial for the non-yogi as well and shouldn’t be treated as a trend at all. Hopefully, you’ll be willing to take it from me. Here are 3 reasons why I meditate daily: Set the Tone for My Day Meditating over an affirmation I would like to remember throughout my daily life really helps in cultivating…

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