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How To Take Better Blog and Instagram Photos

Want to learn how to take better photos blog and Instagram photos? My answer: save for and learn how to use a DSLR camera. Here are some tips you can use to improve your blog and Instagram: RESEARCH Learn your DSLR (or your iPhone if that’s all you have right now). Whats ISO? What is Aperture? What is Shutter speed? These are the basics. Also,…

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How to Live Your Best Life in 2019

Its the first week of January and we are all in the midst of the new years resolution sensory overload occurring no matter where you choose to get your media fix. For me, this whole show can get really overwhelming. That being said, I decided to tune out all the bells and whistles and fall back on the principles that have been effective for me in reaching…

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Paris, France

Travel Guide: Best Instagram Spots in Paris

Can you hear the accordions playing? Have you stocked up on black and white striped tops and red lipstick? I think you’re ready, most instagrammable spots in Paris for any Instagram feed. Find a Parisian Cafe Walking around Paris its hard not to miss the endless occurrences of cafes on every corner. Even on a chilly night, there are space heaters and friends and couples sharing a good laugh over…

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2019 USA Travel Bucket-List

2018 has been the most amazing year of travel and adventures, life experiences I will never forget! That being said, I can’t wait to add more adventures to my already amazing memories. Heres my 2019 travel bucket list: Theme: An All American Good Time  Inspiration My epiphany came after visiting Europe and gawking in amazement at the amount of diversity condensed into one beautiful continent.…

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