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7 Packing Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

Believe it or not, I am currently sitting in Shanghai Aiport, IN CHINA ( I can’t believe it) weathering my 10-hour layover. That being said, JFK to Pu Dong (14 hours), gave me the exact inspiration I needed to write this post. Here’s some advice from an unprepared first timer. What I wish I knew about packing for my long-haul: 1.Wipes Essential number 1! You hear…

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How to Overcome Fears of Solo Travel

I see you, yeah you! Looking through those plane tickets, and binge reading blog posts, watching youtube videos. Why don’t you just do it already!? I know, I know, “It’s not that easy.” Nine times out of ten we don’t ever do what we really want to do because we’re scared and it sucks. I know you want to travel and there’s no one to go…

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Los Angeles, CA

Instgrammable Foodie Guide: Los Angeles

First of all, Los Angeles is huge! If I were you I would rent a car or just be prepared to Uber everywhere. Some of these locations are more local and off the beaten path while others are typical must-dos while you’re in LA. Pick an choose what works for you and enjoy eating your way around LA. In-n-Out I always make it my mission…

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4 Secrets for Planning the Perfect Dream Trip

Planning your dream trip just got so much easier. Here’s my process for planning my dream trips every time! Determine your Budget Depending on the place and the type of memories/experience I’m opting for I know I have to set my budget accordingly. Whether you want a luxurious stay in Miami or a budget stay in Thailand make sure you establish your budget. RESEARCH Bookings Weather, especially if you’re…

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