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Trendy Travel Guide: Los Angeles

This year I took a trip to the beautiful sunny state of California for the first time. It was another bucket list item ready to be checked off. Flying over the desert and into LAX I was super excited to hit the ground running. In this post, I share my trendy travel guide to visiting Los Angeles. Actually, have the time of your life while revamping your Instagram.

Things to Do:

Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive: If you’ve always dreamed of the glamorous side of LA definitely explore rodeo drive and all the designer shops. So freaking cute!

Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Hotel: Seriously an Instagram must have! I have no problem with walking so it was nice for me to walk from Rodeo drive through some of the Beverly Hills homes to the Beverly Hills Hotel. If you love looking at houses like I do (HGTV fanatics) this won’t disappoint.

Sunset Blvd: I recommend walking down sunset boulevard if you enjoy feeling like a local in a new city. It’s also a great place to grab drinks, food, and nightlife. It’s a hip strip make sure you check opening times before heading out.

Melrose Ave: Melrose Ave is a fun, artsy, hipster strip. It has an abundance of unique shops, wall art, and murals, perfect backdrops for your Instagram photos.

On the Coast

Venice Canal: Another cute little thing to do that I got from a locals guide. From a bloggers perspective, I definitely suggest it as a great place to take outfit photos. (I was not prepared for this)

Rent a bike and ride from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier: 2 Birds one stone. It’s also so fun to feel like you live in LA amongst the other locals and tourist and enjoying stroll or bike ride down the strip between these two areas. Definitely, a must do!

Malibu: Malibu’s is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It’s not as crowded as Venice and Santa Monica which is one thing I love. It’s also a much different vibe from hipster, skater vibe that you usually think of when it comes to California.

*Pro Tip: If you’re on a budget hop on the bus that takes you down the famous Highway 1 down the Pacific Coast. Or rent a car which I definitely recommend for the California lifestyle.

Where To Eat

Quick side note! You have got to be hungry by now! Check out my list of the most instagrammable places to eat in Los Angeles. Moving on.

More Things to Do:


Griffith Park/Griffith Observatory: This is where you can get the most beautiful view of LA. If you’re driving you could park and hike up or have your uber driver drop you off at the top. Absolutely beautiful views.

In-n-Out: If you were a Tumblr fiend like me you’ve seen In-

n-Out all over and as the staple of LA eats and things to do. Also very Instagram worthy. There are other locations that I would probably recommend because as you can assume this location was very busy each time we went.

Check out more Insta-worthy places to eat in LA here.

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Just to say you did it. Do it for the memories.

Hollywood Sign: There are multiple different viewpoints for this attraction. Do your research on the different trails and parks. If you’re more into the local things still do this it’s apart of the California experience. It will make your trip that much more memorable.

Hollywood Hills/Celebrity House Tours: Driving up into the hills of LA was so beautiful. Again, if you’re an HGTV lover like me I would definitely recommend.

*Pro Tip: There are many different companies hosting tours that vary in length and view different houses/areas. Shop around so you can get exactly what you want and negotiate! A $60/person  tour could turn into $15/person. I know from experience.

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) 

Grand Central Market: To me, this was really the cutest thing. I simply love markets and this market was great for photos and eating at trendy Instagrammable places like EggSlut.

The Broad Museum: If you’ve been dreaming or researching for a while now, you’ve definitely seen the Broad’s Infinity Room all over Instagram. It is the most beautiful thing, make sure to get there early!

*Pro Tip: Learn from my mistake, we did not get there early enough and didn’t get to go inside also they are closed on Mondays. You’re Welcome.

SkySpace: Not many tourists know about this place which, means you have the space to breathe while enjoying the beautiful view of LA. We decided to go during sunset, we were a little late but still beautiful! Search on places like Groupon or Travelzoo for a greatly discounted bundle. Skyspace also has a slide off the side of the building which was the most fun about the entire thing. This is for the adrenaline junkies out there.

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts): If you haven’t seen them already here they are. The most famous lamps ever. Visit the LACMA for beautiful art and the perfect Instagram photo.

I hope this guide has served you well and you tons of new places to add to your Los Angeles itinerary. Have Fun!

Sending my love xx

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Trendy LA City Guide. Featuring the most instagrammable things to do. From Hollywood to the Venice Beach and Malibu enjoy LA like a local. #BeverlyHills #LosAngeles #DTLA (Picture: Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angeles, California)


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  1. Alaina says:

    This was so helpful!!

  2. This is such a gorgeous page, first of all. I’m so impressed by the clean style of your blog!

    Thanks for all the tips! Definitely pinning this for next time I’m in LA <3

  3. Doug Paulson says:

    Very detailed list of places to see in LA. I was there once but didn’t get a chance to check those places out. I would like to go see Rodeo drive some day. Thanks for sharing Deidre!

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