Wine Tasting at Lakeridge Winery

As you guys can probably see I have recently taken an interest in doing some more “local traveling” as I like to call it. Honestly, it’s been fun. I recently took a wine tasting class as an elective and since then I have been obsessed. Imagine my excited when I found out Florida, central florida, has a vinyard! Wait for it, they also had FREE wine tasting!

Yes, this was a definite must do. Despite the overcast day and the bare vines (I forgot what season we were in) it was really a great time. Here’s my review of the experience.

If you are looking for something to do in the Central Florida Area I would definitely recommend taking a drive out to Clermont, Florida and visiting the Lakeridge Winery. It was not a very far drive from Orlando but things got very rustic very quick.

Parking I began to realize that the area was a beautiful piece of land. Ifelt transported to a different place, I almost forgot I was in Florida (remeber I was not expecting this here and I would really rather imagine I was in he hills of Bordeaux somewhere).

Story Behind LakeRidge Winery

For the free wine tasting the winery also walked you through the history of the vineyard through a video. It was actualy quite interesting to me considered I am a new fan.

Winery/Vineyard Tour

In addition to the short history video the hosts also took us on a tor of the small wintery. This included a walking out onto the viewing deck overlooking the vines. Again, we did not choose the most it=deal time of year to visit so we had a view of bare vines but you couldn’t imagin how the place was still packed. They would normally take you down to walk in the vines, if I heard correctly, but they speared us considering the cold. (Yes, Florida get cold too!)

We found ourselves back inside where they introduced us to the areas where they aged the wine in barrels and botteled them afterwards.

Wine Tasting

The tasting experience was quite nice. This was my first wine tasting experience outside of my class and I really enjoyed it. They had an exstentive list (remember I have nothing to compare this to) and I managed to pick a favorite: __________

All in all, this was a great day. It was a fabulous way to get out of the house and explore something new when I though I already knew everything about my home town. I definitely recommend a visit to Lakeridge Winery if you’re passing through the Central Florida area.

Do you have any hidden gems in your town? Comment below your favorite spot. (I just might visit!)

Sending my love xx

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Experience Florida like a local. Just outside of Orlando, Clermont Florida is hiding a gem: Lakeridge Winery. Come with me as I spend the day exploring vineyards and drinking lots of wine. #centralflorida #orlandotravelguide #hiddengem

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